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How to view campaign reports in MXT
How to view campaign reports in MXT

Steps on how to navigate to detailed reporting on your SMS campaigns, including incoming, outgoing and scheduled messages

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To view incoming, outgoing or scheduled SMS reports, or incoming MMS reports for your campaigns:

1. Select ‘Send Messages’ from the left-hand menu of MXT, then select ‘Campaigns’ to see a list of all your campaigns.

2. Click on the 'Graph Icon' next to the campaign you would like to view reports on.

Note: If the campaign was sent with shared numbers, only replies received within 48 hours will be shown in campaign-specific reports.

If the campaign was sent using your dedicated virtual number, then the campaign-specific reports will show all replies received within 30 days of the campaign being sent instead of 48 hours.

To get your own dedicated virtual number, reach out to our Customer Success Team.

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