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SMSGlobal voice solution - voice-enabled dedicated numbers, call bridging & call forwarding

Sending a SMS

Learn how to send, schedule, stagger and troubleshoot your SMS campaigns with precision.

Contact Lists

Everything you need to know about uploading, formatting, and managing your contact list effectively.


How to create, send, and stagger SMS campaigns in MXT and set up automated campaign triggers with reply rules.

Managing Opt-Outs

Learn how to manage opt-outs and ensure your SMS campaigns are compliant with industry regulations.


Creating, editing, and sending pre-crafted SMS templates and setting default templates for your campaigns.


Measuring the performance of your SMS campaigns, including delivery reports, message status, and opt-outs.

API and Integration

Integrating your software with SMSGlobal, using API credentials, developer sandbox testing, code snippets, and troubleshooting.

Email to SMS

How to set up Email-to-SMS, use Subject Authentication, whitelist your business domain, and send SMS from your email inbox.

Billing and Payments

Managing billing and payments with SMSGlobal and topping up credits on your MXT account.

Account Settings

Managing your account settings, activating 2FA for MXT, post replies settings and enabling conversation view.

Delivery Receipts

Learn how delivery receipts work on MXT and how to receive delivery receipts via URL, email, and API.

Laws and Regulations

Find out the local SMS regulations in your country or region to ensure compliance.


How to set up, manage, and transfer credits to sub-accounts on MXT.

Understanding Unicode Messages

Learn what Unicode is, how to avoid using Unicode characters, and how to enable Unicode messages for SMPP.

Sender ID

Everything you need to know about setting up and using Sender IDs, custom words, virtual dedicated numbers, and shared numbers.

Video Tutorials

Watch our video tutorials and go step-by-step as we show you an overview of MXT and how to manage contacts, integrate APIs, and set up Email-to-SMS.


Sending an MMS message on MXT, MMS features, and Two-Way communication for MMS.