Re-Opt in a Number

How to re-opt in a contact phone number, that has previously opted out.

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To re-opt in mobile numbers that have previously opted out, complete the below steps.

Note: Please be aware of local SMS regulations, and ensure you have approval from the contact to re-opt them back into receiving SMS.

1. Select ‘Send Messages’ on the left-hand side of the MXT menu, then click on ‘Opt-Outs’.

2. Under ‘Opted Out Contacts’, you can search for the contact that you wish to opt-in by the date they opted out or by their mobile number. This will search contacts that have either been opted out manually or have replied with 'STOP'.

3. Click the ‘Opt in’ button next to the number of the contact that you wish to opt-in.

Customers also have the option to re-opt in via SMS.

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