To schedule a message for later sending, first include the parameter 'scheduledatetime'. This should be in the format:

  • This parameter must be URL encoded

  • The time must be in AEDT

An example request containing this parameter might look like the following:!&scheduledatetime=2021-06-09%2015%3A00%3A00

Note: as usual, you will want to URL encode this scheduledatetime parameter.

Note: For USERNAME and PASSWORD in the abov, use your Master API Keys.

​For example, 2021-06-09 15:00:00 would represent 9 June, 2021, at 3pm (AEDT).

When the message is successfully scheduled, the API will print out a delayed message ID in the format:



The actual SMS message IDs are only generated once the message is sent.


When sending Unicode messages using HTTP API, it is necessary to Triple URL encode the message to avoid any encoding issues.

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