If you currently use Email to SMS, you can send an email to an entire MXT contact list by sending an email to emailkeyword@groups.smsglobal.com

To configure your 'email keywords' for existing MXT contact lists, follow the steps below.

1. Select 'Send Messages' on the left-hand side of the MXT menu, then click on 'Contact List'.

2. Click on the required contact list, and select 'edit' to open up the contact list configuration. In the 'email keyword' section, enter the keyword you wish to use when sending an Email to SMS to a contact list.

Note: This must be unique for each contact list.

3. Select 'Update Group' at the end of the page to save changes.

In the below example, we're sending an email to SMS to Testgroup2@groups.smsglobal.com to send an SMS to this list of contacts, after these changes are saved.

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