Yes, there are several options in MXT:

1. Select ‘API Integrations’ on the left hand menu of MXT, click on 'Email Settings’.

2. These settings control how incoming messages can be sent back when sending an Email to SMS. Recipients can reply to:

  • Your account email address

  • A custom email address

  • The email address that sent the initial message

3. Tick the ‘allow replies to email to SMS messages’ box to enable 2-way SMS via shared pool numbers.

Any changes to this setting will also affect the "Default 'Send From' Address" settings.

If you are using a virtual dedicated number, please specify this as your Sender ID in SMS Settings, and leave "Allow replies to email to SMS messages" unticked.

Note: If 'allow replies to email to SMS messages' is not enabled, you will not be able to receive replies via shared pool numbers, only dedicated numbers.

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