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Set up Email to SMS in MXT
Set up Email to SMS in MXT

How to enable and set up Email to SMS and whitelist an allowed sender email address

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1. Select ‘API & Integrations’ from the left-hand menu of MXT, then click on ‘Email Settings’.

2. Within ‘Email Settings’, turn the slider 'ON' next to ‘Email to SMS/MMS’.

3. In the box under ‘Allowed Sender Email Addresses’, enter the email addresses that you would like to allow to send emails from your MXT account.

For example, will allow access specifically to that email account.

To whitelist an email domain for email to SMS, please see Domain Whitelisting for Email to SMS Allowed Senders.

4. Next, select the location you would like your Email to SMS replies to be delivered to. This can be the email address that you used to create your account, the email address that sent the message that the recipient is replying to or a custom email address.

Note: If you don't want to receive replies from Email to SMS via SMSGlobal Shared Numbers, make sure the box next to 'Allow replies to email to SMS messages' is not ticked. If you would like to allow replies, ensure that this box is ticked.

5. Lastly, if your number of characters exceeds the standard limit for an SMS, it will be split into multiple messages. Determine the 'Maximum Messages Split Allowed' by entering the number in the text box.

6. Click ‘Update Settings’ to confirm changes.

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