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Why use Email to SMS?
Why use Email to SMS?

Details and benefits of using our Email to SMS service

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Email to SMS allows you to send individual or group messages directly from your email client. Once you customise your email address, you can send standard emails which will be converted into SMS messages.

You can send Email to SMS from:

  • Outlook

  • Gmail

  • AOL

  • Your external CRM system

  • Internal Programs

  • Third-party Software

  • External plugins


  • Integrates easily with existing email clients and business applications

  • Delivery receipt supported

  • Incoming SMS and 2-Way Compatible

  • Set up contact groups, rules, triggers

  • 24/7 support via our support system

  • Receive reply backs straight to your inbox or post-back URL

  • No software downloads required

Email to SMS is capable of sending both one-way and two-way messages. For example, you might like to receive one-way Email to SMS alerts to a mobile handset or add your phone to an email notification list.

If you would like to be able to receive replies, incoming messages can also be sent back to your original email address, allowing you to have a conversation with a mobile phone just as you would over email.

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