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How do I enable the SMS Conversation feature?
How do I enable the SMS Conversation feature?

Steps on how to activate the two-way Conversation feature in MXT

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The SMS Conversation Window is a quick and easy way to send and reply to text messages in a central location and have one-on-one conversations with recipients via your own Dedicated Virtual Number.

Turning on the Conversation feature

1. Before you can begin communicating with recipients in the Conversation Window, you first need to own a Virtual Number. You can request a Virtual Number via this page here.

2. Once you own a Virtual Number, you can enable the Conversation feature for that number in the 'Virtual Number' section in MXT.

Note: Only one Virtual Number for one country can be activated at a time.

Starting a conversation

The Conversation Window can be accessed from various sections within MXT just by clicking on the speech bubble for a specific number.

1. Contact Lists page

2. Outgoing Reports

3. Incoming Reports

Conversation Window: Overview

Below is an example of what the Conversation Window looks like in use.

1. The recipient

2. The Virtual Number used to send the message

3. Show previous messages

4. A Previously used Virtual Number

5. The outgoing message

6. The incoming message (reply)

7. The text field to type your message

8. Send button

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