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Enable 2FA (2-factor authentication) for logon
Enable 2FA (2-factor authentication) for logon

How to enable 2FA (2-factor authentication) for added security to your MXT account

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Enabling 2FA for your account adds an extra layer of security to your MXT logon.

When enabled, the user will be prompted to insert an OTP (one time password) sent to the mobile number registered on the account every time they attempt to log in.

Note: If you wish to update the mobile number to get the 2FA code, navigate to 'Contact Information' and update the mobile number.

To Enable 2FA:

1. Click on the 'cog' icon on the top right-hand corner of MXT, then underneath 'Settings', select ‘SMS Settings'.

2. Click on the toggle next to 'Two Factor Authentication' to enable the setting.

3. Click 'Update Settings' at the bottom to save.

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