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Incoming SMS Postbacks

How to set where you will receive your SMS replies - Email, MXT Inbox, Postback URL

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Note: The below incoming SMS configuration works when you send SMS using SMSGlobal Shared Numbers.

1. Select ‘Settings’ from the top right hand corner of MXT, then click on ‘SMS Settings’.

2. Under ‘SMS’ you will see the subheading ‘Post SMS replies to’. Click on this to open a drop down box of reply options.

  • Select ‘Email’ to have the replies posted to the email address associated to your MXT account.

  • Select ‘Web inbox only’ to have the replies sent to your MXT account only.

  • Select 'URL' and enter the URL that you would like your SMS replies to be posted to.

3. Click ‘Update Settings’ to confirm the changes.

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