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Delivery receipts to postback URL
Delivery receipts to postback URL

How to configure SMS delivery receipts to be sent to a postback URL

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SMSGlobal can post back delivery receipt information to a URL, hosted on your own server for example.

This URL might be a script that captures the delivery information and stores it in your database. Refer to the technical documentation on delivery receipts for more information.

1. Select ‘API & Integrations’ on the left-hand menu of MXT, click on ‘Delivery Receipts’.

2. Enable delivery receipts by switching the toggle switch 'On'.

3. Select ‘URL’, enter a URL that you would like your delivery receipts sent back to.

4. Make sure you click ‘Update Settings’ to save changes.

Tip: There are a number of online tools that you can create temporary postback URLs for testing purposes such as

The list of parameters that are sent with each delivery receipt:




Unique SMSGlobal Message ID.


The status of the delivery for SMS.


The error code.


The 10 digit date/time representation in the format of yymmddhhmm (year month day hour minute)

Below are sample values received:

msgid	        6405973165004424
dlrstatus DELIVRD
dlr_err 0
donedate 2106291430

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