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United States of America - Laws and Regulations
United States of America - Laws and Regulations

Laws and regulations for SMS in USA

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Mobile country code (MCC)

  • 311

  • 310

  • 316

  • 312

International dialling prefix:

  • 1

Major carriers:

  • AT&T

  • Cingular Wireless

  • T-Mobile

  • Verizon

SMSGlobal supported:

  • Long Code - Yes

  • Short Code - Yes

  • Sender ID - Alphanumeric (custom word) not supported. It may be filtered to a random number by network carriers before delivering.

One-way communication - Yes

Two-way communication - Yes (via long code or short code).


  • Not guaranteed for delivery as it depends on the carrier. It is best to conduct tests via the MXT platform. Note the price for MMS messaging is 45c AUD.

Opt-in requirements:

  • Customers need to consent to receive marketing communications before marketing SMS messages can be sent to them.

  • Confirmation of opt-in needs to be sent.

Opt-out requirements:

  • Opt out information is required for promotional messages. Each marketing or promotional SMS must contain an opt-out option.

  • Two-way numbers are mandatory to ensure that people can unsubscribe.

Message content

Transactional traffic:

  • Only via long code.

  • Permitted content - transactional only (for example, alerts, notifications, 2FA).

  • Traffic must be opted-in.

  • Strictly forbidden content - bulk SMS marketing, any traffic to non-opted-in users.


  • No more than 250 messages can be sent per day from a long code. All messages beyond 250 will be filtered and blocked by the carriers. There is no daily maximum of messages set for short code numbers, and higher throughput is supported.

  • Marketing traffic must always be opted-in. In addition, content must be pre-approved by operators before sending.

Message format supported:

  • Unicode - Yes

  • Concatenated messages - Yes

Delivery receipts (DLR) supported - Yes

Useful regulatory links:

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