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Malaysia - Laws and Regulations
Malaysia - Laws and Regulations

Laws and regulations for SMS in Malaysia

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Mobile country code (MCC)

  • 502

International dialling prefix

  • 60

Major carriers

  • Maxis

  • Digi

  • Celcom

SMSGlobal supported

  • Long Code- Yes

  • Short Code- Yes

  • Sender ID- No

One-way communication

  • Yes

Two-way communication

  • Yes, via long code or short code.

Opt-in requirements

  • ON keyword must be used to opt-in

Opt-out requirements

  • "STOP" or "STOP ALL" / "BATAL" or "BATAL SEMUA" keywords must be included to allow opt-outs.

Message content

  • Content relating to the following is not permitted:

    • Religion

    • Adult themes

    • Race

    • Gambling

  • Promotional traffic is not allowed from 11pm to 7am local time.

    ""RM0.00"" will prefix each SMS with a length of 153 characters or less. For split messages, ""RM0.00"" would need to be added by the user before the SMS submission.

Message format supported

  • Unicode - Yes

  • Concatenated messages - Yes

Delivery receipts (DLR) supported

  • Yes

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