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Philippines - Laws and Restrictions
Philippines - Laws and Restrictions

Laws and regulations for SMS in Philippines

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Mobile country code (MCC)

  • 515

International dialling prefix:

  • 63

Major carriers:

  • Digital Mobile

  • Globe Telecom

  • SMART Gold

SMSGlobal supported:

  • Long Code - Yes

  • Short Code - No

  • Sender ID - Fixed AlphaNumeric. Preregistration is required.

One-way communication - Yes

Two-way communication - Yes (via long code).

Opt-in requirements:

  • Only subscribers who have given prior consent or have specifically opted-in to receive messages can be sent commercial and promotional advertisement messages.

Opt-out requirements:

  • Opt-out instructions must be included in all promotional messages. Regular opt-out instructions shall be sent once a week for daily subscriptions or once a month for weekly subscriptions.

Message content:

  • Sender IDs containing the words "TEST", "MESSAGE", and "SMS", along with all of its permutations, are not allowed.

  • Sender IDs that portray other networks like "SMART" and "SUN" along with all of its permutations (e.g. SMARTMONEY, SUNCELL, SMARTLIVE, etc.) are not allowed.

  • Numeric Senders and International Senders are also not allowed.

  • Adult content or mention of alcohol, drugs, gambling, politics or tobacco is prohibited.

  • Messages containing information on financial loans, real estate offers, products or service promotions and sometimes even content about elections and other political propaganda is considered spam.

Message format supported:

  • Unicode - Yes

  • Concatenated messages - Yes

Delivery receipts (DLR) supported - Yes

Useful regulatory links:

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