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New Zealand - Laws and Regulations
New Zealand - Laws and Regulations

Laws and regulations for SMS in New Zealand

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Mobile country code (MCC)

  • 530

International dialling prefix

  • 64

Major carriers

  • Vodafone

  • Skinny Mobile

  • Telecom New Zealand

  • 2degrees

SMSGlobal supported

  • Long Code- No

  • Short Code- Yes

  • Sender ID- Alphanumeric Sender ID - Not supported.

One-way communication

  • Yes

Two-way communication

  • Yes, via short code or SMSGlobal's shared short code numbers.

Opt-in requirements

  • No messages should be sent to customers unless the customer has consented to receive them prior.

Opt-out requirements

  • Mandatory opt-out (STOP keyword) for marketing and promotional messages.

Message content

  • Customers must be clearly and reasonably informed of the nature and content of the business sending the SMS

Message format supported

  • Unicode - Yes

  • Concatenated messages - Yes

Delivery receipts (DLR) supported

  • Yes

Useful regulatory links

Changes to Operator Regulations to New Zealand

All SMS' sent to New Zealand will now require the customer's name/brand appended at the beginning of the message content.

For example, if [Company A] is sending a message such as "Your OTP is 1234", you will now need to send the message in one of the following formats:

  1. Company A. Your OTP is 1234

  2. Company A, your OTP is 1234

  3. <Company A> Your OTP is 1234

  4. Company A Your OTP is 1234

Please note that there will be a transition period throughout June 2019 and any messages that failed to comply with this requirement will be filtered/blocked starting from July 2019.

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