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India - Laws and Regulations

Laws and regulations for SMS in India

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Mobile country code (MCC)

  • 405, 404

International dialling prefix:

  • 91

Major carriers:

  • Airtel

  • Vodafone India

  • Idea Cellular

  • Reliance Jio

  • BSNL

  • Aircel

  • Reliance Communication

SMSGlobal supported:

  • Long Code - Yes

  • Short Code - No

  • Sender ID - 6 Character Alpha. Preregistration is required.

One-way communication - Yes

Two-way communication - Yes (long code needs to be included in message content as the Sender ID will be an Alpha Sender ID).

Opt-in requirements:

  • Subscribers must opt-in to receive messages.

  • Opt-in is valid for only 6 months and then needs to be opted in again.

Opt out requirements:

  • STOP keyword must be included for customers to opt-out of receiving messages.

Message content:

  • Sender IDs for international numbers will be replaced with XX-NNNNNN (2 letters followed by 6 numbers).

  • Sender IDs can only be registered for transactional messages, not for promotional messages.

  • More than 6 messages with the same Sender ID or content sent to the same number within an hour may be blocked.

  • Users may not be able to receive more than a total of 200 SMS messages per day across all incoming streams.

  • Messages towards Jammu or Kashmir networks (example, 405/55) will be blocked by the government due to political sensitivity.

  • Marketing messages sent between 9:00 pm and 9:00 am India time are not allowed and may be blocked. To bypass this, you can register a 6 character Sender ID.

Message format supported:

  • Unicode - Yes

  • Concatenated messages - Yes

Delivery receipts (DLR) supported - Yes

Useful regulatory links:

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