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Set up a Sub Account in MXT
Set up a Sub Account in MXT

Steps on how to create a sub-account in MXT

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1. Click on the Cog icon on the top right-hand corner of MXT, and underneath 'Settings’ select ‘Sub Accounts’.

2. To set up a new sub-account, click ‘Create Sub Account’.

3. Enter the account details for your sub-account such as ‘Display Name’, ‘Password’ and the ‘Login Email’ and ‘Mobile Number’.

Additionally, you can activate a 'Welcome Email' to be sent to this user's email address, and/or enable '2 Factor Authentication' for logon to this new sub-account

(i.e. when logging in, a one time password sent via SMS to the user's phone is required).

4. Once all information has been entered, click ‘Create Sub Account’ to complete the process.

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