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Managing Opt-Outs
How can recipients opt out of receiving SMS?
How can recipients opt out of receiving SMS?

Details on how recipients can opt out of any future SMS campaigns.

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When a recipient of an SMS campaign wishes to no longer receive promotions from a business or company to their mobile handset, they will reply 'STOP', and this is referred to as an opt-out.

Allowing opt-outs is an important part of complying with global anti-spam legislation.


1. What is required to set up a ‘Stop’ message to prevent future messages from being sent to a contact group?

Opt-outs are built into all SMS sent through SMSGlobal. Recipients can opt-out by replying 'STOP' via SMS to unsubscribe.

The outbound SMS itself must be sent by either a virtual number or shared number in order to receive the 'STOP' reply. The initial outbound message content should also include details for the recipient to opt out.

eg. "Reply with STOP to opt-out"

2. Are opt-outs enabled by default?


3. Do all recipients who are sent an SMS through SMSGlobal have the option to send a ‘STOP’ SMS?

Yes, if the SMS was sent with a virtual number or shared number.

4. Is the ‘STOP’ reply case-sensitive?


5. Is the contact who opted out added to the opt-out list automatically?


6. Do we get an update as to who has replied using the opt-out ‘STOP’ SMS?

Responses can be viewed in the Incoming Reports section. The actual recipients who have opted out can be viewed in the 'Opt-out' section.

7. Is this opt-out service part of the service fees?

No, automatic opt-out management is free.

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