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Call Forwarding - How it works
Call Forwarding - How it works

How Voice Call Forwarding works, and how to set up your forwarding number in MXT.

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  1. First, reach out to the SMSGlobal Team to purchase your voice-enabled virtual number.

  2. Once provisioned, Call Forwarding can be configured from your virtual number settings.

  3. For each virtual number, you must configure a 'Forwarding Number' and 'Timeout'.

    'Forwarding number' is the phone number to forward voice calls to when your virtual number is called.

    Note: Don't forget to include the international country code (for example, +61 for Australia).

    'Timeout' is the time in which the call to the forwarding number will be terminated.

    Note: If the call reaches the forwarding number's voicemail before the time-out period is reached, the call will be considered answered and terminated on the target number's voicemail.

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