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Call Bridging - How it works
Call Bridging - How it works

How Voice Call Bridging works, and how to start a call bridge in MXT.

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  1. First, reach out to the SMSGlobal Team to purchase your voice-enabled virtual number.

  2. Once provisioned, Call Bridging can be started from your Contact List page or Reports page.

  3. In these sections, contacts that have a destination number that is the same country as the voice number will have an extra button allowing you to start a call bridge.

  4. When this voice action button is clicked, you will be shown the option to input the A party (number to take the call from) of the call. This could be your office number or your own personal number for example.

    If you have multiple voice-enabled numbers, a drop-down list will allow the user to select which virtual number to use.

  5. Once the call is initiated, the Voice service will call the A party, and upon answering, bridge the call and dial the B party (destination number).

  6. Once the B party answers, the call is successfully bridged.

    Within the MXT portal, you will see when call bridging is in progress, completed successfully, and if there are any related errors.

    Note: The B party is the contact that you clicked on in MXT for call bridging.

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