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Frequently Asked Questions on SMSGlobal Voice solution.

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Can I utilise voice functions internationally?

Eventually. For now, voice capabilities are only functional in Australia. However, we may be expanding internationally in future.

Can I port my existing number to SMSGlobal?

Yes, customers can port their existing numbers from another provider to SMSGlobal. Our Customer Success Team can assist in this.

Can I port my SMSGlobal voice number to another provider?

Yes, customers can port their numbers to another provider. The customer will need to be made aware that any SMSGlobal services tied to that number will be disconnected upon successful porting.

What capabilities are enabled? (MMS, SMS, Voice)

Currently, voice numbers are enabled for SMS and Voice.

Note: Voice numbers are not MMS enabled. If you wish to use MMS, you will need to procure a separate number with MMS capability.

Can I use voice features for numbers outside the same country as my virtual number?

Voice features are only supported when used with the same country as the voice virtual number. For example, an Australian voice number can only forward to numbers beginning with the country prefix +61, and can only initiate call bridging with numbers beginning with +61.

How do I provision a voice-enabled dedicated number?

Contact our Customer Success Team to provision your voice-enabled dedicated numbers.

What other features will be coming for Voice?

We have many more exciting Voice services coming very soon, don't forget to register your interest here to keep up to date on our latest Voice innovation.

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