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How to do a Simple SMS Send in MXT
How to do a Simple SMS Send in MXT

Steps on how to send a simple SMS in the MXT platform

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1. Select ‘Send Messages’ on the left-hand side of the MXT menu, then click on 'Send'.

2. Next to 'Send this message as', select whether you'd like to send an SMS or an MMS. The default option will always be set as SMS.

3. Choose the number you would like your message to come from.

Click on the ‘From’ dropdown tab, and you will see a selection of Sender ID options. You can choose your message to be sent from a shared number, a custom word, a virtual number or a verified number.

Further details on Sender ID options available here: Available Sender ID Options

Tip: Replies from recipients can only be received if you select ‘Shared Numbers’, Verified Number' or ‘Virtual Number’.

For more information, please refer to the article What can I use as my Sender ID (From Address)

4. Under 'To', enter the mobile number, contact or contact group that you would like to send your message to.

5. Enter your message content in the ‘Message’ box.

Note: When using 'Send', you are unable to use the ‘Merge Field’ feature.

Tip: One SMS is 160 characters. If you use more than 160 characters (or 70 characters for Unicode SMS), your message will be split into a multi-part message.

Note: If you wish to use a previously created message template, click on the 'Templates' box to view your pre-existing templates.

If you would like to save the message you have just created, click on 'Save As Template' to be able to reuse the message in the future.

6. You will see ‘Preview Message’. This shows how the message will appear when sent, double-check that the information is correct.

7. Finally, send your message.

To have your message sent instantly, click ‘Send Message’.

8. To schedule your message to be sent at a later time, click ‘Schedule this message’ and enter the time you would like it to be sent. Then click ‘Schedule Message’ to confirm.

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