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What does my message status mean?
What does my message status mean?

SMS message status: Delivered, Sent, Undelivered, Invalid Number, Rejected, Expired, No Credits, Accepted, Deleted, Enroute, Failed, Unknown

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When you send an SMS through SMSGlobal, each SMS will have a status assigned to it.

The status will show whether the message was delivered successfully or whether there were any errors during sending.




Confirmation of SMS delivery has been received by the upstream carrier and/or the destination handset.


The message has been delivered to the carriers and SMSGlobal is awaiting confirmation of message delivery from the carrier.


After attempting for a period of time, the carrier has failed to deliver the message to the destination handset. Please confirm the recipient's number is correct, and the handset is on and within reception range.

Invalid Number

The recipient's number is invalid and cannot be recognised by our system for delivery. This may be caused if the number is not in the correct international format or was entered incorrectly.


The message was successfully submitted to the carrier for delivery but has actively been refused.


Message delivery was attempted but has expired as the destination number was unavailable.

No Credits

The message could not be delivered because your account is out of credits.


The message has been received by the operators.


The message has failed due to “Barred”, “Absent Subscriber”, or “Delivery Failure”.


The message is currently being delivered and SMSGlobal is awaiting delivery receipt confirmation from the carrier.


Message sending has failed at the supplier's end.


No message status was received by SMSGlobal from the upstream supplier.

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