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How to duplicate contact groups in MXT
How to duplicate contact groups in MXT

Steps on how to duplicate/copy an existing contact list

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1. Select ‘Send Messages’ from the left-hand side of the MXT menu, then click on ‘Contact Lists’.

2. Here, you will see a list of your contact group lists. Click on the 'Cog Icon' next to the group that you would like to duplicate, then select the ‘Duplicate’ menu option.

3. Enter any new details as necessary for the duplicated contact list. If required, you can also add some 'Custom Fields' that apply to contacts in this group.

Note: the keyword for Email to SMS must be different to the first contact list. You cannot have more than one contact list with the same keyword assigned for Email to SMS.

4. Once finished, click on 'Update Group' to save changes.

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