1. Select ‘Send Messages’ on the left-hand side of the MXT menu, then click on ‘Contact Lists’.

2. Click the ‘Import’ button.

3. Next, click ‘Select file’ underneath the ‘Numbers’ heading and import the relevant file. If the first row of your excel document contains headings, tick the box next to ‘The first row contains headings’.

Note: This file must be either a CSV file or a XLS file. XLSX is not a supported format for uploading.

Tip: Make sure this file is formatted correctly and contains the relevant country prefixes. For information on how to do this, see: How to format a contact list for MXT in excel.

4. In the dropdown box next to ‘Import To’, select which contact group you would like to import the contact list to.

Note: If you would like us to automatically remove any contacts that have previously opted out of your SMS campaigns, tick the option 'Exclude opted out numbers from being uploaded in the contact group'. This will prevent these previously opted out contacts from being uploaded.

5. Click 'Next' to see a preview of your file contents. Using the drop-down boxes, select the column that contains the information relevant to each heading.

Note: You can choose to leave any number of these fields blank, as long as at least the mobile number column is specified.

6. Click 'Next' to continue. Your data is now ready to import. Read over your content to ensure your spreadsheet column mapping is correct.

Note: it can take up to several minutes to import large spreadsheets of data.

7. Select ‘Import’ once you have reviewed the date to start the import process.

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