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How to format an Excel spreadsheet
How to format an Excel spreadsheet

Steps on how to format your CSV or Excel spreadsheet for uploading to MXT, including correct number formatting for international SMS

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The below steps detail how to format your spreadsheet data correctly when uploading contact lists to MXT.

1. Open up an Excel document, this will need to be saved in .CSV(Comma Delimited) format.

Add a series of titles (field merges) in the first row.

The default titles MXT requests you to use are:

  • Family Name

  • Display or Nickname

  • Email Address

  • Given Name

  • Mobile Number

Note: You are not required to add all fields if not needed in your contact list.

Note: If you're sending SMS only to your default country set in MXT, they can be entered with a '0' at the beginning.

For example, the default international code is ‘61’ for Australia, so if you’re sending to Australian numbers, they can be entered in domestic format similar to 04555224190.

To easily add the international code in front of the number, please see the next step for an example of adding the correct country code prefix to a contact list.

2. Select the cell next to the first number. In this case, it is F2.

In this cell enter the following formula:

=(column letter for column with non-international mobile numbers) (row number of the first line containing contact information) + (international code)(nine 0s).

For example, in this case, it would be =D2+64000000000

For international codes, see International Codes. In this example, we used the international code for New Zealand, ‘64’.

3. Click on the corner of the green box and drag it down the column. This will transform all the mobile numbers into international format, using the formula entered.

4. Give this column a name that you will remember, such as ‘International Mobile Number’, and be sure to select this as your ‘Mobile Number’ when uploading contact lists to MXT.

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