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How to create Campaign Triggers in MXT
How to create Campaign Triggers in MXT

Configure automated responses to your SMS campaigns using campaign reply triggers

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To set up an SMS Campaign, please see the article: How to create and send a campaign in MXT.

Creating Reply Rules allows you to send an automatic response to your recipient if they reply with a specified keyword. This can be sent immediately or after a delay, and you can specify custom rules for managing customer opt-outs.

These options include:

  • Send a Response: This option will automatically send your response.

  • Send a Delayed Response: This option will allow you to send a delayed automated response. This is a great option if you are running a prize draw and would like to send an SMS at a specific time i.e. the prize draw.

  • Opt-Out Recipient: This option will allow you to designate an opt-out keyword. If a customer responds using this keyword they will be opted out of your campaign. Please note, even if you set an opt-out keyword, the replies "Stop", "STOP" and "stop" are still considered opt-out responses.

Triggers can be used to create an SMS workflow in each of your campaigns. By selecting a word that you expect in your contacts' responses, you can select a number of automatic actions to occur if that specific word is sent back to you.

Note: Make sure that all of your keywords are totally unique, e.g. Keywords "Apple" and "Apple1" would both be activated by a response of "Apple". For each campaign, offer a different keyword.

Additional note: If using a dedicated virtual number as the Sender ID, the keywords will need to be set up on the virtual numbers themselves.

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