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Campaign Staggering
Campaign Staggering

How to configure your SMS campaign to send SMS in staggered batches

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What is campaign staggering?

If you would like your SMS campaign to be gradually delivered to your recipients, you can choose to have batches of messages sent out at specific time intervals.

This may be useful if you expect replies or calls from your recipients, as it will prevent your staff from being inundated with calls or responses all at once.

The staggering of messages will result in the staggering of responses, making managing call centres and responding to recipients significantly easier.

How to stagger your campaign

To stagger a campaign, you must first create a campaign in MXT. For information on how to do so, see How to create a campaign in MXT.

After you have determined who you would like to send your campaign to, and what you would like to send, you will be taken to the ‘When’ stage of creating a campaign.

Note: If you have already made a campaign, you can also reach this stage by editing your campaign and clicking ‘Next’ until you get to the ‘When’ page. See How to edit a campaign in MXT for more details.

1. Click the ‘Stagger my campaign’ option.

2. Configure the staggered campaign:

  • Enter the date and time that you would like your campaign to begin sending on.

  • Determine how many SMS messages you would like to be sent in each batch.

  • Outline the desired time between batches.

  • To respect your recipients' time and privacy at certain hours, enter the times that you would not like any messages to be sent before or after.

3. Once all this is complete, click ‘Next’ and you will be taken to the ‘Test & confirm’ page.

Note: If your chosen 'Batch Size' and 'Time between batches' does not allow for your full contact list to be processed, you will receive the following error to alert you to update the staggering configuration:

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