1. Select ‘Reports’ from the left-hand side of the MXT menu, then click on the type of report you would like to view: Outgoing, Incoming or Scheduled.

2. Under the page heading, you will see some 'date options'.

Click on the dropdown arrow to see 'report date options'.

Available date ranges:

  • Today

  • Last 7 Days

  • Last 30 Days

  • Last Month

  • Custom Range*

3. If you would like to see reports on a specific date or date range, choose 'Custom Range' and use the calendar to choose the start and end date, and click 'Apply'.

* Note: You can search reporting data for up to 90 days within MXT.

If reporting is required prior to 90 days, please follow the steps outlined in the article: How to retrieve historic SMS/MMS reports.

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