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Troubleshooting HTTP API Character Encoding
Troubleshooting HTTP API Character Encoding

Details on how to resolve issues with character encoding with HTTP API, including programming language function recommendations

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When building applications using the HTTP API, it is important to account for any symbols that might interfere with the API string in some way. As a result, it is best practice to triple encode all API strings before calling the API.

Strings that contain symbols such as plus [+] symbol and ampersands [&], and any Unicode characters, must be triple URL encoded and submitted in their encoded form. This ensures such characters a properly escaped.

Many programming languages have functions available for URL encoding.

For example:


Using System.Web.HttpUtility;


URLEncoder.encode(URLEncoder.encode(URLEncoder.encode("string", "UTF-8"), "UTF-8"), "UTF-8");



​Running this function three times on any strings you submit will help prevent errors that non-escaped symbols might produce and ensure that Unicode encoded messages are received correctly.

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