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What is Email to SMS?
What is Email to SMS?

Details on what Email to SMS is and how it works

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When SMSGlobal receives an email to a special address, it will be converted to an SMS message and sent through your account. As a result, any program that can send an email can also send an SMS message.
Email to SMS is capable of sending both one-way and two-way messages. For example, you might like to receive one-way Email to SMS alerts to a mobile handset or add your phone to an email notification list.

If you would like to receive replies, please see receiving replies when sending Email to SMS. This will allow you to have a conversation via mobile phone just as you would over email.
To send an Email to SMS, approve one or more email addresses that are permitted to send Email to SMS through your account by entering each email on a separate line under the 'Allowed Sender Email Addresses' section.

Alternatively, use your API Keys to authenticate the email as approved using our Subject Authentication method.
We will use this email address to recognise messages that are coming from you and know to send those messages from your account. Then, you can send an email to the destination phone with

For example, to send a message to 61447100250, send your email to

Type your message in the body of this email and send away!
To begin using Email to SMS, there are a couple of settings to enable on your account. For help, please check the article on how to set up Email to SMS in MXT

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