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Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) in Microsoft Outlook 2010
Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) in Microsoft Outlook 2010

How to set up Outlook Mobile Service in Microsoft Outlook 2010

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For information on what Outlook Mobile Services (OMS) is, click here.

Note: The Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) service allows you to send SMS from your Microsoft Outlook account. Supported with Outlook 2007 and 2010 ONLY.

If your version of Microsoft Outlook is not compatible, please use our Email to SMS service or the SMSGlobal MXT portal to send SMS.

Below are the steps to set up Outlook Mobile Service in Microsoft Outlook 2010. If you are not using Microsoft Outlook 2007, please refer to the article How to set up Outlook Mobile Services in Microsoft Outlook 2007.

1. In Outlook's top Menu, click on 'File' and then click on 'Info' to view Account Information page.

On the Account Information page click 'Account Settings' and then on the option 'Account Settings' in the drop down box.

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2. Under the email tab, click on 'New'

3. Select 'Text Messaging (SMS)', and click 'Next'.

4. Under 'Service Information' enter the following details:

You will need to enter your SMSGlobal Master API Key which can be found under API & Integrations > API Keys in MXT.

6. Click on 'Test Account Setting' and then click 'Yes' to send a test message to your mobile phone.

If credentials are correct, you should receive an SMS on your mobile.

7. Restart Outlook.

8. Click on 'New Items' and then click on 'Text Messages (SMS)'.

9. Enter the number you wish to send or click on 'To' to enter a contact from the address book.

Type your message in the text area.

Please ensure (SMSGlobal OMS) is present above the 'To' field as it indicates messages are pushed out through SMSGlobal.

10. Click 'Send' to send the message to the requested number.

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