Auto-Renew Billing

Details on how auto-renewal works for enterprise features & Virtual Dedicated Numbers

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Enterprise features such as Access Control, Custom Branding, and Virtual Dedicated Numbers purchased within MXT can be set up to renew each month automatically. This ensures that you will have ongoing access to these features.

The subscription packages and features are paid one month in advance and are charged on the same day each month.

For example, if a feature is purchased on the 10th of January, the feature will automatically renew on the 10th of February and the 10th of each month ongoing.

The monthly payment for each feature will be taken from your nominated credit card.

This can be managed from the Manage Cards section in MXT.

A reminder email will be sent to the nominated billing email address seven days before the monthly renewal date, advising that your dedicated number or feature is set to renew.

On the day of renewal, an email will be sent confirming whether the payment was processed successfully.

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