Delivery Receipts

What is a delivery receipt (DLR)

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A Delivery Receipt is invaluable in determining the status of your messages. Carriers provide this information once an SMS has been received at the destination handset.

Note: The availability of delivery receipts depends on whether the destination network supports them. As a result, SMSGlobal cannot guarantee that delivery receipts will be available for all destinations.

For more information on SMS Delivery receipts, please see what does my message status mean?

See the below links to enable delivery receipts and where you can receive them:

Once you have composed and sent your SMS, it will be sent to a short message service center (SMSC) responsible for the delivery of the message to the destination handset. When SMSGlobal submits the message to the SMSC, they request a delivery receipt for the message.

If the message is sent successfully to the destination handset, SMSGlobal will receive a delivery receipt confirming the delivery. However, if the delivery is not immediately successful, the SMSC will temporarily store the message and then reattempt delivery for the maximum period of time.

If these reattempts are unsuccessful, a delivery receipt will be sent to SMSGlobal stating that the message was unable to be delivered.

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