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What are SMSGlobal Shared Pool Numbers

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A shared number is a mobile number from SMSGlobal's collection of numbers that are shared between customers in order to enable two-way messaging. Shared numbers do not have any additional cost to use.

These numbers look like standard mobile numbers (e.g. in Australia, +61 447 100 250) and they allow users to receive replies back from recipients without the purchasing of a virtual number.

Shared numbers are not specific to your company and can be used by anyone else 48 hours after you have sent your message. Therefore, if you use a shared number, customers will not be able to reply back after 48 hours from when the outbound message is sent.

Please note: our shared numbers are only supported in a certain countries.

If you would like to use a dedicated virtual number that is unique to your business, please see Ordering and setting up a Virtual number.

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