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Two-Way messaging not working when using Shared Numbers
Two-Way messaging not working when using Shared Numbers

Reasons why two-way messaging may not be working when using a Shared Number

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If two-way messaging is not working when using our Shared Numbers, this could be due to several factors:

  • There may be a connection issue with the operator. For example, some operators will filter a Sender ID in certain countries to ensure the delivery of your message.

  • Check to see if your Default Sender ID is set as ‘Send from’ Shared Numbers.

  • Shared Numbers may not be supported in the country you’re trying to send to.

  • SMSGlobal only supports Shared Numbers in some countries.

For further analysis, please create a new ticket for our customer support team and provide details such as:

  • SMSGlobal Account Username

  • The country you're trying to send to

  • The issue you’re experiencing

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