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Sender ID received to handset is incorrect
Sender ID received to handset is incorrect

Sender ID displays correctly in my outgoing SMS report, but has a different Sender ID when it arrives at the handset

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If there is a difference between the Sender ID displayed in the Outgoing SMS Report and on the recipient's handset, this suggests that the Sender ID is being overwritten by carriers and filters are being put in place to ensure delivery.

Certain countries will change the Sender ID due to carrier regulations and restrictions.

Some carriers will only allow numeric Sender ID’s and others will replace an Alphanumeric Sender ID (Custom Word) with one of their own.

Note: In this case, if the Sender ID is overwritten by a carrier, two-way messaging is not supported.

Please refer to the knowledgebase sections on Global Sender ID Support or Laws and Regulations. Alternatively, create a new ticket below for our support team for further assistance.

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