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Default Sender ID in MXT
Default Sender ID in MXT

How to change the default Sender ID in MXT

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To change the name or number that your SMS comes from, you will need to set a default 'Send From' (Sender ID) address in MXT.

To update your Sender ID when using one of our APIs, please see our Developer Documentation.

1. Click on the 'cog' icon on the top right-hand corner of MXT. Then, under ‘Settings’, select the ‘SMS settings’ tab.

2. Under SMS and MMS, select the default ‘Send from’ address. The drop-down box will display which Sender IDs you can use.

Select from:

  • Shared Numbers

  • Your verified numbers

  • A custom word

  • A virtual number

3. Once you have chosen what name or number you wish to send your SMS from, select ‘Update settings’ at the bottom to complete these changes.

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