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Sender ID or 'From Address'
Sender ID or 'From Address'

What is a Sender ID or 'From Address'

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Sender IDs are the name or number that your recipients will see when a message reaches their mobile phones. This is known as the ‘From Address’ in your MXT account. SMSGlobal offers a variety of options to send your messages from.

SMSGlobal's Sender ID options include:

  • Shared Numbers

  • A Custom Word (Alphanumeric Sender ID)

  • Verified Numbers (only supported for Australia)

  • Virtual Numbers

  • Dedicated Numbers

There are multiple variations of Sender IDs:

  • Alphanumeric/Custom Word: Consists of up to 11 letters (a-z) and/or digits (0-9). Other characters may be used but may not be supported by all phones and operators.

  • Long Code: Numeric Sender IDs should be in an international format (e.g. 447712312312). Numeric Sender IDs are limited to 16 digits.

  • Short Code: Numeric Short Codes are typically 5 or 6 digits. However, this can vary by country.

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