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Common Sender ID issues
Common Sender ID issues

What to do if you're sender ID is not working correctly

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Rules and regulations are put in place by different countries and carriers which may result in Sender ID’s being overwritten or filtered.

Information on this is available in Global Sender ID Support.

You also may need to pre-register your Sender ID for a carrier to accept your messages.

Some carriers place certain restrictions on Sender ID; some carriers filter Sender ID's and do not allow numeric sender ID, while other carriers only allow numeric Sender ID. Other carriers will replace any custom Sender ID with one of their own.

If you are experiencing issues with your Sender IDs please create a new ticket below with information such as:

  • SMSGlobal Username

  • The Sender ID you’re trying to send from

  • Country that you’re sending to

  • Issue that you’re experiencing

  • Method in which you're sending (e.g. API, Web platform or Email to SMS)

Alternatively, please refer to the knowledgebase sections on Sender ID or Laws and Regulations for further information, to help troubleshoot your Sender ID issues.

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