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What are Verified Numbers?
What are Verified Numbers?

Information on verified numbers

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Verified numbers are those you own externally, such as your own mobile number.

It is possible to 'verify' this within MXT and use this as your Sender ID 'From Address' when sending SMS.

It is possible to verify more than one mobile number in MXT.

Only certain countries support the use of verified numbers for SMS, such as Australia. Other countries such as the United States or Canada do not support verified numbers as the carrier operators do not permit SMS providers to use customers' numbers.

Note: If you are unable to view the verified numbers page on your MXT account, this means that verified numbers are not supported in your region.

Note: Recipients can reply to SMS from verified numbers. However, the reply will be received directly on the mobile number's accompanying handset and not sent back to SMSGlobal.

For information on verifying a mobile number, please refer to the article on how to verify mobile numbers for MXT.

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