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Setting up Virtual Dedicated Number
Setting up Virtual Dedicated Number

Steps on how to set up your virtual dedicated number

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After you have purchased your virtual dedicated number and it is available in MXT, you can now set it where replies are sent to, auto-replies, and keyword triggers.

Send Replies To

You can configure SMS replies to be sent to:

  • Email address

  • Callback URL

  • Back on the SMPP connection (if using SMPP to send outbound SMS with this virtual number)

  • MXT web inbox only

Auto-Reply to all Incoming SMS

When configuring the 'send replies to' setting, you can also configure an automated response for all incoming SMS.

Note: Use this option if you want a blanket response to all incoming SMS.

Keyword Triggers

Keywords allow you to have automatic replies to any incoming messages that contain a specific word (or words).


When keyword 'Prize' is received, auto-reply with "Thanks for your competition entry"

Note: Each keyword trigger also has the option to 'Forward to Groups'. When this is enabled, the automatic response will be automatically forwarded to one or more nominated contact lists.

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