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Information on SMSGlobal's automatic URL shortener and how to enable/disable this feature

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The URL shortener enables you to have long URLs automatically shortened by SMSGlobal. Long URLs can take up valuable character count, which may impose higher SMS costs due to multi-part messages. The URL shortener solves this by reducing the number of characters in the SMS.

Additionally, using SMSGlobal's URL shortener service allows for additional analytics and control over your SMS campaigns, such as the number of URL link clicks and URL expiry times.

Our systems will detect a URL contained within the SMS and transform it into a short URL before submitting the message for delivery.

When enabled, ALL messages sent from this account will be checked for long URLs and replaced with shortened URLs. This applies to all messages sent from your SMSGlobal account, regardless of sending method (MXT, API, Integration, etc.)


  • Ensure to add a trailing slash "/" at the end of the URL if you are using a plain URL in the SMS content. Without this the URL will not be shortened.

How it works

As a prerequisite, your account must have URLs enabled to send (this feature is disabled by default for new sign-ups). Reach out to our friendly customer success team to enable this feature.

1. The URL shortener can be enabled/disabled via MXT Settings.

2. Set a default Expiry Days (TTL) period.

Note: This setting is used to specify the amount of time until the short URL expires. The minimum TTL is 7 days. After the TTL has been reached, users who click on the link will be sent to a 404 web page.

3. URL shortening is enabled per individual account. Therefore each account would need to enable their URL shortening settings within MXT Settings.

For details on additional URL analytics available, please see the article on URL Reporting.

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