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How to Complete Your NOC Form for SMS Sender ID Registration

Introduction: This guide assists you in filling out the No Objection Certificate (NOC) required to register your brand name as the sender ID for SMS communications. This is essential for complying with UAE telecommunications regulations and is applicable for services with DU and Etisalat.

Who Should Complete This Form?

  • The company's authorised signatory must complete the form and be responsible for approving the SMS sender ID registration.

Pre-Registration Steps:

  1. Account Creation: First, create a CMS account at Etisalat's Business Online Portal to obtain your credentials and manage your sender IDs.

  2. Apply for Sender ID: Submit an application for your desired sender ID through your CMS account, selecting between transactional or promotional options.

  3. Approval and Blockchain ID: Once Etisalat approves your sender ID, you will receive a Blockchain ID, which is essential for the next steps.

  4. NOC Submission: Please submit the NOC form to us. This will enable the SMSGlobal team to coordinate with Sinch to activate your sender ID.

Completing the NOC Form:

  1. Download and Open: Download both the DU and Etisalat NOC forms and open them in your preferred format (See Below page).

  2. Review: Thoroughly read the form to understand all requirements.

  3. Fill in Details: Complete the form with the authorised signatory's name, company name, and other required details.

  4. Brand Name Registration: Provide specifics like your sender ID type, company name, designated Sender ID, blockchain ID, and a sample SMS.

  5. Authorisation: Confirm SMSGlobal's authorisation to whitelist your sender ID.

  6. Signature: Sign the printed document, print the signatory's name, and date it.

  7. Verification: Double-check all details for accuracy and keep a copy for your records.

  8. Submission: Follow the provided guidelines to submit the completed form.

Compliance and Legal Acknowledgment:

  • By signing the form, you agree to adhere to UAE's legal and regulatory standards for SMS communications and indemnify DU or Etisalat against any non-compliance issues.

Final Steps:

  • Upon activation of your sender IDs, we will contact you to finalise the setup, including IP whitelisting and confirmation of sender ID registration.

Need Help?

  • If you need any assistance or further clarification, please contact our support team or visit the FAQs on our website.

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