Simple Send

MXT's 'Send' allows users to send messages quickly and easily to mobile numbers, contacts or groups, but doesn't allow users to personalise the message content with Merge Fields.

The 'Send' feature is a great option for those wishing to simply send a generic SMS to an individual or group.

Merge Send

'Merge Send' allows users to send messages to pre-existing contact groups or individual contacts using data previously uploaded.

This allows users to customise the message content to include pieces of unique information, such as the recipient's first name, family name, mobile number or any other information provided.

The Merge Send feature is a good option for those wishing to create a personal campaign.

Upload Send

'Upload Send' allows users to send directly to contacts on a spreadsheet.

When using this feature, there is no need to create a contact group through the standard 'Lists & Groups' procedure, but instead, the file can be uploaded and the message sent, all within minutes.

This feature allows users to customise their message content to create a more personal campaign.

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