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Error when Uploading a File in MXT
Error when Uploading a File in MXT

Troubleshooting steps to resolve errors when uploading a file to MXT

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If you are having trouble uploading a contact file to MXT, there are a number of things that may be causing this error.

  • Confirm that the file you are attempting to upload is saved in the correct format. It must be a CSV(Comma Delimited) file (XLSX is not a supported format for uploading).

  • Make sure there are no spaces or special symbols within the mobile phone numbers.

  • Try logging out and then logging back in again.

  • Refer to the following articles on steps to format and upload your files

If you have reviewed the above and you're still experiencing issues, contact our support team below.

Note: Please ensure that you attach the file that you're trying to upload to the ticket.

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