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How to create a contact list in MXT
How to create a contact list in MXT

Instructions on how to create new contact lists in MXT

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1. Select ‘Send Messages’ from the left-hand side of the MXT menu, then click on ‘Contact Lists’.

2. Select the ‘Create New Contact List’ option.

3. Firstly, you will be required to enter:

  • The ‘Contact List Name’. Make sure this is easily identifiable, as you will need to use it to find each group.

  • An ‘Email Keyword’. If you use Email to SMS you can enter an ‘Email Keyword’ so you can send an email to this entire group by sending an email to (Further details on this in How to send an Email to SMS to a contact list.)

  • A ‘Default From Address’ (also known as Sender ID). Details on the type of Sender IDs are available here.

Note: If you have Sub Accounts, you have the option to ‘Make this a Global Contact List’. This will allow you to share this group with your Sub Accounts.

4. You can now choose whether you’d like to add additional 'Custom Fields' to your groups. Family name, given name, display name/nickname, mobile number and email address are always included by default, but you can choose to add the following custom fields: text, number, radio buttons or dropdowns by clicking on ‘Add Field’.

5. Once all the information is filled out click ‘Add Contact List’.

To upload a spreadsheet of contacts to this newly created contact list, you can follow the steps outlined in: How to upload a file of contacts to MXT.

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