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Purchasing SMSGlobal Credit

How to purchase SMSGlobal credits in MXT

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1. Select ‘Credit Purchase’ from the left-hand menu of MXT. This will direct you to the credit purchase page.

2. Enter:

  • The amount of credit you would like to add to your account in the top bar next to the dollar symbol


  • The number of SMS messages that you would like to purchase in the bottom bar next to the message symbol.

Note: When you enter these values, the page will highlight the tier plan you are eligible for based on the amount of money you add to your account.

This will give an indication of how much an SMS will cost to send for the six months following the purchase. Further details on pricing tier plans are available here.

3. Choose your payment option to make payment.

For information on how to enter billing information, see How do I update my billing information in MXT?

Note: If you need to pay by bank transfer, our friendly customer success team can assist you with creating an invoice for payment. Contact us below:

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