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Pricing Tier Plan Options

Information on pre-paid and post-paid account options, and website pricing tier SMS rates

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Pre Paid Accounts

With a pre-paid account, you buy SMS credits in bulk at a set SMS rate. You can enable auto top-up, and balance alerts to ensure you never run out.

SMSGlobal offers four default pricing tiers based on website pricing.

The higher your SMS volumes, the lower the pricing tier we can offer.

  • Freestyle Tier

  • Flexi Tier

  • Professional Tier

  • Enterprise Tier

For example, Australia pricing tiers are:

  • Freestyle Tier - 10c p/SMS (Top-up of $5 AUD or more)

  • Flexi Tier - 8.5c p/SMS (Top-up of $500 AUD or more)

  • Professional Tier - 7.5c p/SMS (Top-up of $2,000 AUD or more)

  • Enterprise Tier - 7c p/SMS (Top-up of $5,000 AUD or more)

Looking for higher SMS volume wholesale pricing - Just get in touch and we can provide a custom quote!

Note: Website pricing tiers remain active on your account for 6 months.

Post Paid Accounts

With a postpaid account, we simply send you an invoice at the end of each month for your SMS usage within that month.

If you are interested in setting up a postpaid account, our friendly Customer Success Team can set this up for you.

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